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All plastic and steel is cleaned for recycling as per the waste hierarchy.

O'Donovan's utilise modern, highly developed systems to process a wide range of container types, materials and residual products, within a tightly controlled Waste Management structure.

Their customers can assured of gaining the maximum economical and environmental advantage from all their used containers by making best use of all available options for Reconditioning, Re-Use, Recycling and Recovery offered by O'Donovan's.

O'Donovan's comprehensive range of Waste Packaging services includes:

  • Nationwide Collection Networks
  • Dedicated Reconditioning for Customer Re-Use of their own packaging
  • Supply of Reconditioned Packaging to Certified Standards
  • Inspection & Test Facilities for Dangerous Goods Use under UN Recommendations
  • Certification of Packaging as reconditioned to UN Recommendations
  • Waste Disposal & Recycling Services –for non-reusable packaging (inc Hazardous Products)

With the recent changes to regulations on disposal of Hazardous Wastes and the banning of Co-Disposal in Landfill – the use of O'Donovan's facilities for the treatment of used Dangerous Goods Packaging is an ideal means of ensuring all regulations are complied with and the costs are kept to a minimum. 

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